Umlando: Through My Father's Eyes

Written and Directed by Jonathan Hock

On the eve of soccer's World Cup 2010, Hugh Masekela, one of South Africa's greatest musicians and activists, leads his American son Sal around the country to all the areas that will be hosting games.

Hugh is a charismatic, fascinating and immensely talented man, who grew up under brutal oppression, escaped South Africa to achieve worldwide fame, then returned to walk alongside Nelson Mandela during the days of liberation. But as a father, he was distant and even estranged from Sal for many years. As Hugh enters his later years, he needs to walk Sal along the footsteps of his own past and that of his people, to complete his own vast journey. What Sal discovers, about his father and his ancestral homeland, together with the personal breakthroughs for both father and son, will provide tension, drama and joy.

A ten part series that was broadcast on ABC, ESPN and throughout the World Cup, June 2010.

"Breathtaking" - William C. Rhoden previews the series in The New York Times.